We manufacture methanol base fuel gel of good quality, with no bad smell and burns evenly longer and its environmentally friendly hence the name ” The Blue Flame”.

And easy to put it off by using water or cover on the can. For orders please contact us.

We have a national foot print that is enabled through partnerships our distributors.

01. How hot does VTT Gel Fuel burn ?

All VTT gel  products burn a consistent 208°F from start to finish. Other fuels peak at 180°F-195°F, then cool down as they continue burning. This cooling process increases risk of food-borne illnesses and usually requires the expense of using more cans per event. You can avoid both situations with VTT GEL FUELS’s consistently high heat output.

02. How long do your cans burn ?

Our highly efficient formula burns down to the very last drop. Our fuel gel  burns up to 3.5 hours.

03. In case of fire, how do i extinguish the flame?

VTT GEL FUEL is completely water-soluble. You can extinguish accidental fires completely with water.

04. How often can I re-use the gel ?

The gel is 100% reusable to the last drop. To reuse, just refill the can, stir the gel and re-light. For even greater savings, you can refill the same can up to 15 times before recycling.

05. Can I use it outdoors ?

VTT GEL FUEL clean-burning formula is safe to use indoors or outdoors with normal ventilation.

06. Is it hot enough to cook with?

VTT FUEL provides a consistent 208°F heat output, making it ideal for portable or emergency stoves or table side cooking equipment.

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