Solid Fuel Tablets

Our Solid Fuel Tablets are safe, clean burning and easy to ignite. Each tablet will burn for approximately 9 minutes. Can be used while camping or the military

Chafing Gel Fuels

We manufacture methanol base fuel gel of good quality, with no bad smell and burns evenly longer and its environmentally friendly hence the name ” The Blue Flame”.

Citronella Lamp Oil

Keep your adventures mosquito and bug free. This citronella oil is the best way to ensure that you have uninterrupted dinners and carefree evening activities when outdoors.

Container Candles

Give your candles style and character with the perfect candle jar from VTT. From traditional to modern, we have a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your style.

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Our detergents range: Heavy duty cleaning degreaser for households and industrial use, Dishwashing liquids, Bleach and Pine Gel.

Citronella Candles

Our Citronella candles are infused with pure and natural citronella oil and are used as a safe and effective insect repellent.

Reed Diffusers

Our luxury reed diffusers are the perfect way to fill your space with beautiful & long lasting scent. The natural rattan reed fibres continuously release a subtle fragrance adding a long-lasting ambience to any room.

Going Camping? Take Our Products Along.

Use Our Fuel Tablets When Camping